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Herr Mendell[Beta] Herr Mendell[Beta]

Rated 2 / 5 stars

been done before many times over,.. but...

... this is well put together from what I can see, visuals need more work but it's looking pretty good so far graphics wise. a little less orange wouldn't go a miss though. the main game mechanics have been done so many times over already, and the major titles that revolve around this 'hold off the hoard' style game have done it to death and have done it well. Personally I'd work on changing this game so it's 'different' from the rest, instead of just directly copying others games.

Platform 1 Platform 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

original idea & well executed

Firstly the bad... and the bad is just tech issues, which I hope you fix cos it would improve the game experience a lot.

1. AUDIO! I've heard the audio for this game and it really adds to the setting. Shame it is missing!

2. Game doesn't work in the pop-up window, weird, not sure what could be causing it.

Now the good...

Great, original idea and for your first AS project it's a good effort!

Makes for a challenging game, thanks for putting this up as I keep coming back to this game, I really like it. Reminds me off a Rockstar mini game, like one from Bully or something.

The balance (1&2 keys) counteracts nicely with the step left and right movements (arrow keys) really makes the game playable and fun.

The level design is pretty good, challenges the player at every obstacle, I was dodging left & right all over the shop! Almost dropped my boots! - LOL

Nice One! 9 out of 10! (would have been a cool 10 out of 10 if weren't for the tech issues)